Chop, Chop

Just before the beginning of the year I got my hair straightened at a salon I frequent when I have a time crunch. I saw a new lady who got my hair way to straight and ended up frying my tightly coiled 4 c texture hair. When I tried to revert it back after a wash it lay lifeless and lacked all elasticity.

I was bummed to say the least. But I also saw it as a golden opportunity to do something I had been wanting to do for a while. I wanted a asymmetrical bob. So I called my Hair Guru, Ayanna at Hairgasm in Washington, D.C.


We discussed my vision and reviewed photos until we stumbled upon this shot of Tia Mowry-Hardict. Once I finally got the nerve, Ayanna worked her magic and here is the result.

I think it is a super cute and sleek  blunt bob. Ayanna took about 4 inches off the back. I really LOVE the cut! In the end I realized it was just what I needed. To cut off all the bad stuff and start over fresh and renewed for the new year. Anything worth chopping off in your life?


Avec Amour,



Book Review: The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

I recently have been reading more then I have in years (a negative side effect of Graduate School). With the combination of audible and some much needed downtime, I have compiled a list of books I want to finish by the end of the year. One of the books was, “The Year of Yes.”

I am not sure what I expected but what I found was a hilariously intimate and raw journey of self discovery. The book was a poignant reminder that everyday we have choices and finding the things that make us joyful is one of them. I was surprised how many times I totally identified with Shonda and how much her words made me lift the mirror to myself and the life I have been living. I highly recommend the book! Happy Reading.

Avec Amour,


Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

A Steal of a Deal: J.Crew Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Colorful Brushstroke Print

During Labor day weekend I stumbled into J.Crew. I had been eyeing a new leopard dress on the website so I made my way into the store. I always check out the new items but generally only buy from the sale rack because everything there generally goes on sale.

imageOne pattern that caught my eye several weeks prior was the Colorful Brushstroke print. I loved the bright hues and the easy year round fabric. I loved all the pieces but on the sale rack was the midi dress with spaghetti straps and accordion skirt. The price was marked at $99.99 with 40% off. I was pretty excited to get the dress at less than 50%off the original price. I recently wore the dress to work and an CBC event. I paired it with the  J. Crew  Jackie cardigan in coral and gold strappy Jimmy Choo shoes.

Happy Deal Hunting!

Avec Amour,


Shoe Obsession: Prada Metallic Sandals

Prada Strappy SandalsPrada Strappy Sandals2

A few months ago, I was trolling Ebay looking for some cute shoes to take to a wedding. I stumbled upon these beauties. Prada is one of my favorite shoes brands so I had to have them! They are super comfy and are a great year round shoe. Perfect in the winter for a Holiday party. Lovely in the summer to pair with a little summer dress. I wore them the other night to a party and they were an absolute hit. The fact that I didn’t pay anywhere near the $695 price tag also added to the allure.

Avec Amour,


Interior Inspiration of the Week: The Closet Room

The rest of D.C. and the surrounding areas are in mad preparation for the blizzard (all 2 ft worth). I am ahead of the game and already have prepared meals for the storm.

I plan on reading and doing a complete overhaul on my closets (yes, I have 4 jammed packed closets).

I need a space that is a perfect mix of function and style as well as that can serve as a space to handle business. Here are a few photos of my inspiration for the space.

Avec Amour, 

A Steal of a Deal: Kate Spade Saturday Piped Overcoat

Camel colored coats are staple for the blistery winter months.  Camel coats of the highest quality are a cashmere or a blend thereof. I love the elegance and sophistication they bring to the mundane. My favorites are those that get their cue from Menswear such as this one from Net-a-Porter by Joseph.

My lastest Camel purchase is by Kate Spade for her now defunct Saturday line. It was originally $290 and I got it for $70 from Nordstroms Rack. Its warm and elegant with a definite menswear influence.

Avec Amour,

Shoe Obsession: ASOS Say You Will

It seems that I have been derelict in my duties as a woman who loves the pretty and chic things.  It has been ages since I have reviewed blogs and found the inspiration to write about my own fashion escapades. But lately I have been inspired…

I have a new job (starting in a few weeks), plenty of Winter Sales (J. Crew loves me) and a new sense of excitement. My last purchase in all this joie de vivre is a lovely pair of ruby satin slippers with pom poms. Hope you enjoy them and future fabulously posh outfits they will be apart of.

Photo Courtesy of Fashion Agony ASOS Say You Will

Avec Amour,

Avec Amour Restaurant Review: Founding Farmers

 There are very few places that I suggest people try when they come to DC.
On the whole, I find restaurants here overpriced and lacking in true flavor.
Founding Farmers is just the opposite. It is classic American Food but with all the right ingredients. Here are a few shots of the highlights of a recent evening at the location on Pennsylvania Ave.
Drink of the Night. The Bartender named it after me. The Tiffany is a Tequilla, Champagne and Muddled Raspberry Concoction that caused quite the frenzy. The drink is  just like me Bubbly, Sweet and a little dangerous.
 My partner in Crime, Ashli, had the Farmer John Cocktail.
 Fried Green Tomatoes


The Frisco Burger and the Chicken Pot Pie were excellent. The Burger was cooked perfectly and the accompanying fries were a perfect compliment. The Chicken Pot Pie was made all the more special by the creamy chicken stew with a flaky buttery/cheesy biscuit. It was amazing. (I also love the short ribs and Chicken & Waffles).


A yummy evening was topped off by Beignets. Warm doughy wonders served with Chocolate,  Raspberry and Carmel dipping sauces.
All and All  a great evening with great food!
Avec Amour,

A Steal of a Deal: DVF Barley Louche Dress

A week ago, I went to an awesome consignment store in Georgetown to consign two pairs of YSL shoes that  pinched my toes. While I was signing the contract a lady came out of the dressing room a declared that the dress didn’t work.

I did not look immediately but there there hanging outside the fitting room like a shiny star, was a beautiful DVF silk dress that calling my name. I just knew I had to try it on. It fit perfectly and it was marked $39.00.
The deal was too good to be true so I had to buy it. Because I love the art of a deal I figured out later that the dress retailed for $325 on shopbop. I love when I save like 80% +.

Avec Amour,

The Shopping List: The Burberry Trench

My shopping list is a collection of items that own or aspire to one day own. The first item on my shopping list is on every fashion must have list. It is none other then the classic trench.

I personally happen to be a bit partial to Burberry Trenches, I own two of them. There is nothing better then seeing rain clouds and pulling out my trench and matching Burberry rain boots.

The house is iconic, dating back to 1856. When a young dressmaker by the name of Thomas Burberry started the line. Famed for its outer wear the brand continued to gain successes. The classic trench was made for soldiers during the Great War (WW1). Today, the coat is synonymous with effortless sophistication.

Here, are a few of my favorite shots from the web of the iconic trench.

I love how instantly chic this long trench looks with a skinny jean, a button down and heel

From Park Avenue princess to the Brooklyn hipster the trench is a statement piece

Hope you enjoyed the first of many shopping list.
Avec Amour,

P.S. How do you wear your trench?