In the Bag: Petite Noe Epi Louis Vuitton in Yellow

Hi my name is Tiffany and I am a designer purse-a-holic!

Seriously, I love handbags. It started at a young age. Purses were an extension of my outfit. The right bag could change my whole day. When I was a teenager I was asking for Coach and Kate Spade bags.img_0406

It was no suprise that when I lived in France just over 10 years ago, I asked my Dad for my first Louis bag. He bought me the classic speedy canvas. What he never realized is two weeks later I exchanged it for a black epi speedy 30. The bag has served me well over the years. I also have a Monogram Neverfull. Which I can say  is a solid workhorse purse. It holds over 200 lbs. It got me through graduate school lugging around my laptop. louis_vuitton_yellow_large_epi_noe_alondra

Last year, I bought two Prada bags, a lux tote gray and the other a black wallet on a chain. Both are beautiful and incredibly practical. However, I have been itching to get something bright and fun. Nothing under $1000 intrigued me except something that I consider an old faithful.To me the most iconic bags in the LV lineup are the Alma, the Speedy and the Noe. I had been eyeing a colored epi petite Noe. I took the plunge and purchased it. I can’t wait to rock it to work and on the weekends. It was either green or yellow. I found a perfect deal on the yellow so I purchased it!  What are your favorite iconic bags?

Avec Amour,



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