Avec Amour Restaurant Review: Proof

It is no surprise that I love to eat. I love that food can elevate the mood, bring a smile to a face, or be the perfect end to magical night. Because I love to eat I have created a business around creating sumptuous delights to awaken the senses.

But every artist needs a bit of inspiration. My inspiration comes from good food. Whether a hole in the wall or a Michelin star restaurant. It is all about the quality of the fresh ingredients in a masterfully constructed way.

A close friend recently treated me a a wonderful celebration dinner. We went to Proof in Penn Quarter (Washington D.C.). We dined there on a Sunday evening. It was not crowed when we arrived at 5 pm but by the time we left at 8 pm it was nearly full.

The menu changes often some of the items that my friends and I ordered may not be available. Proof has a lovely selection of of cheeses. We ordered a selection of three cheeses. Everyone really enjoyed a drunken cow cheese that was sublime. I ordered the lamb dish that was done with a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean flair. It was accompanied with chickpeas and a yogurt sauce and topped with delicate onion laces. The flavors were distinct and evoked the a trip to a foreign land with rich and exotic spices. The lamb was cooked to perfection. I really enjoyed my meal. I was not alone.

We were 5 for 5 at the table, everyone was pretty pleased with their choices. The duck was fantastic, the halibut was lovely, the steak was fabulous and the chicken was good. My friend that got the chicken thought it was good but was not impressed with the accompanying vegetables.

 Overall, I give proof 4.5 out of 5 Hearts.

Avec Amour,