A Steal of a Deal: DVF Barley Louche Dress

A week ago, I went to an awesome consignment store in Georgetown to consign two pairs of YSL shoes that  pinched my toes. While I was signing the contract a lady came out of the dressing room a declared that the dress didn’t work.

I did not look immediately but there there hanging outside the fitting room like a shiny star, was a beautiful DVF silk dress that calling my name. I just knew I had to try it on. It fit perfectly and it was marked $39.00.
The deal was too good to be true so I had to buy it. Because I love the art of a deal I figured out later that the dress retailed for $325 on shopbop. I love when I save like 80% +.

Avec Amour,


The Shopping List: The Burberry Trench

My shopping list is a collection of items that own or aspire to one day own. The first item on my shopping list is on every fashion must have list. It is none other then the classic trench.

I personally happen to be a bit partial to Burberry Trenches, I own two of them. There is nothing better then seeing rain clouds and pulling out my trench and matching Burberry rain boots.

The house is iconic, dating back to 1856. When a young dressmaker by the name of Thomas Burberry started the line. Famed for its outer wear the brand continued to gain successes. The classic trench was made for soldiers during the Great War (WW1). Today, the coat is synonymous with effortless sophistication.

Here, are a few of my favorite shots from the web of the iconic trench.

I love how instantly chic this long trench looks with a skinny jean, a button down and heel

From Park Avenue princess to the Brooklyn hipster the trench is a statement piece

Hope you enjoyed the first of many shopping list.
Avec Amour,

P.S. How do you wear your trench?

Weekend Chic

As a native Californian, I am now convinced that I lived in a magical land called “Perfect Tempville.” I long for the days of 60 degrees in January and Spring in full bloom by March.

Instead I have survived, just barely, the coldest winter of my life. But alas a beacon of hope has arrived! In D.C., for the next few days, the weather will range from 50-60 degrees. I am definitely ready to shed my parka and furry hat. Here is one of the looks I plan on wearing.

Avec Amour,

The Return of the Pointy Toe Pump

It seems like there are always recycled trends in fashion. Whether Military, Menswear, Floral or Punk every trend comes back again. After a few seasons of the platform heels and wedges  I am noticing the return of the pointy toe pump. I have to say that I am secretly (or not so much) very happy about the return. The classic pump makes every women look long and lean. They make a cute outfit become instantly chic and put together.

The King of the Pump is Manolo Blahnik $595 

  Sophia Webster 
In love with these Sophia Webster Pumps $395

What I have learned is follow what makes you feel beautiful and you will always be on trend.

Avec Amour,