Not My Mother’s St. John Skirt

img_1457-jpgI love a good classic. But often classics can seem stuffy and fussy for a young professional like myself. So I have learned to buy classic pieces but mix them up in interesting and fun ways. Today’s classic remix is a lovely St. John Skirt.

I scored this walnut colored beauty for $19.75 at a consignment store a few weekends ago. In comparison to the retail price of a St. John Skirt which starts at  $395  (Similar Here) it was a great deal. I paired it with a cute silky black peplum from target the I paid $6.88 (Here). To tie the two items together I put on my trusty satin leopard pumps from J.Crew which I got on a great promotion in the fall for $32 from $278 (Here).

Overall, the look was office appropriate but fun, textural and a little sexy. All in all my outfit was a hit. I tallied up the reatil value and on the low end it would cost about $700.

Considering I paid under $60 for the look I can’t complain.

Avec Amour,



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