A Steal of Deal: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mae Leather Embossed Suede Wedge Booties


This week’s steal of a deal maybe one of the most epic purchases of my life! I was roaming around Nordstrom’s Rack over the MLK holiday weekend. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. I stumbled upon three pair of black shoes. These Marc by Marc Jacobs stood out as a cut above the rest of the contenders. They are sassy and cute booties. I think they are perfect for work or paired with a flirty dress for the weekend.

They were priced at nearly 88% off the original price of $398 to $79. Which I thought was a pretty great deal for these little hot booties. Much to my pleasant surprise when I took them to the register they rang up at $.01. NO! That isn’t a typo the shoes really cost me a penny. I felt like I was stealing the shoes. The cashier confirmed that sometimes items get marked down so much $.01 deal are around the store. For some reason they won’t let the price tag reflect it but if you take it up the register will reflect the rock bottom price. I will proudly be rocking these botties because they are literally the best deal of my life!

Avec Amour,



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