Chop, Chop

Just before the beginning of the year I got my hair straightened at a salon I frequent when I have a time crunch. I saw a new lady who got my hair way to straight and ended up frying my tightly coiled 4 c texture hair. When I tried to revert it back after a wash it lay lifeless and lacked all elasticity.

I was bummed to say the least. But I also saw it as a golden opportunity to do something I had been wanting to do for a while. I wanted a asymmetrical bob. So I called my Hair Guru, Ayanna at Hairgasm in Washington, D.C.


We discussed my vision and reviewed photos until we stumbled upon this shot of Tia Mowry-Hardict. Once I finally got the nerve, Ayanna worked her magic and here is the result.

I think it is a super cute and sleek  blunt bob. Ayanna took about 4 inches off the back. I really LOVE the cut! In the end I realized it was just what I needed. To cut off all the bad stuff and start over fresh and renewed for the new year. Anything worth chopping off in your life?


Avec Amour,



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