Vision Board

In the midst of finding direction at my “carrefour” (crossroads)  a friend mentioned the power of vision boards. She planned to throw a party with several women in which we would unveil are vision boards. I had heard about the concept which is to take images, words, and or art to make a collage or pinterest page about your goals, plans and overall vision for life. I thought that it would be a useful exercise but it takes a decided to give it a try. 
It was interesting to have everyone reveal there process for evaluating their life and goals. We all had a different vision of where we were in life but there were common themes and goals. We all were reaching to achieve a new level of professional and personal growth. The groups was all women so there was a consistent belief that mind, body and spirit connectivity was something that we wanted to delve deeper into. 

Step 1: Strong Women at the base

 I revealed the process for my board by explaining that the board was a symbol of who I am. I am more than meets the eye. At the base of the board I wanted images of strong black women. I have often struggled with confidence so finding my inner strength and voice was and is an important part of figuring out my direction. 
 Step 2: Overlapping the the Bigger Picture 
Once I felt that I had a solid base I begin putting into place some of the things that are important for me. I felt that this centered around four major quadrants. Home, Business/Professional, Travel and Friends/Family. This blog factors into my business/professional goals. Avec Amour is my lifestyle brand, a twenty-somethings guide to sophistication.

Step 3: Sprinkling in Words of Power
In the final step I added in words that a matched the vision and purpose that was revealed to me through the process of creating a the board. Overall, I loved the process and found it perfectly cathartic. It was really a remarkable evaluation of where I see my life currently and in the future.  Have you created a vision board? What did it reveal to you? 

Avec Amour,


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