Thoughtful Thurday- "7 year itch"

I have always been one to set goals and make plans. In the last year my goals and plans have changed dramatically. I had to take a step back from some relationships and focus on my personal development and growth. I was literally and figuratively at a crossroads.

The last time I felt like this was 7 years ago when I was living in France. It seems appropriate that I would think about my time in France  and the person I was before how that experience shaped me.

In french the word for crossroads is “Carrefour.”  I love the word because it evokes these thoughts of four directions for life. The future and the past are are in front and behind you making your path brighter or dimmer with each step.

The timing of this change in me also was of interest. I remember hearing a theory on personal development coming every 7 years. Do you buy into the thought the every 7 years you change?

Check out this article:

Avec Amour,


One thought on “Thoughtful Thurday- "7 year itch"

  1. Yes Tiffany I do. Each of our body's 7 Chakras (or meridian points) come into completion every 7 years, so this lines up with your thinking. Also, there is an Astrologic phase that completed this year, what's crazy is that it was a 19 year phase or term. So, 7 plus 19 = 26!
    It was get meeting you in Costco this weekend. You brought such a blissfully energy to our conversation at the Vitamix booth. Looking forward to more of your work. – James A. Wheeling


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