Avec Amour Restaurant Review: Founding Farmers

 There are very few places that I suggest people try when they come to DC.
On the whole, I find restaurants here overpriced and lacking in true flavor.
Founding Farmers is just the opposite. It is classic American Food but with all the right ingredients. Here are a few shots of the highlights of a recent evening at the location on Pennsylvania Ave.
Drink of the Night. The Bartender named it after me. The Tiffany is a Tequilla, Champagne and Muddled Raspberry Concoction that caused quite the frenzy. The drink is  just like me Bubbly, Sweet and a little dangerous.
 My partner in Crime, Ashli, had the Farmer John Cocktail.
 Fried Green Tomatoes


The Frisco Burger and the Chicken Pot Pie were excellent. The Burger was cooked perfectly and the accompanying fries were a perfect compliment. The Chicken Pot Pie was made all the more special by the creamy chicken stew with a flaky buttery/cheesy biscuit. It was amazing. (I also love the short ribs and Chicken & Waffles).


A yummy evening was topped off by Beignets. Warm doughy wonders served with Chocolate,  Raspberry and Carmel dipping sauces.
All and All  a great evening with great food!
Avec Amour,

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