95 Mile Lesson

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever run a half marathon I would have told you were crazy. A couple of months ago a friend sent me the link to the inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. What initially drew me in was that at the end of the race you get a little blue box with a Tiffany’s Necklace. But the challenge turned into so much more…

I now truly understand when people say that it is not a race but a marathon. Training was tough but you took it step-by-step until you reached your eventual goal.

I was inspired by the women that I ran with. When you are running for 3+ hours you talk about everything. You encourage each other to keep on going. In addition to encouraging others you also have to encourage yourself…no matter how much it hurts or how much you want to quit, that you can’t. You can’t let the course defeat you or rather you can’t let life defeat you. In the end I amassed more than 82 miles in preparation for the race.

I am amazed, proud, and thankful for my teammates. But most importantly, I am proud of myself. I conquered my fear that I could not succeed. I believed in myself even though I was not the fastest on the course. I kept going and I made it to the end. A lesson about life with 95 miles on my soles upon the streets of D.C.

BTW: The little blue box hardware rocks 🙂

Avec Amour,


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